Total consumer savings reach $3.5 billion with set-top box energy efficiency agreement

“Signatories of the voluntary agreement include all of the major multichannel video service providers representing more than 93% of the U.S. multichannel video market (AT&T/DIRECTV, Comcast, Charter, DISH, Verizon, Cox, Cablevision, Frontier and CenturyLink), major manufacturers (ARRIS, Technicolor, and EchoStar Technologies) and energy-efficiency advocates (Natural Resources Defense Council and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)).

D+R found that the voluntary agreement has reduced national set-top box annual energy consumption by 34% since 2012, nearly enough to eliminate the annual generation produced by four typical 500-megawatt coal-run power plants. These energy savings have been achieved even as functionality and features of set-top boxes have increased significantly over this period.”

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