Some key ongoing training resources for local governments (and their jurisdictions!) are listed below. You can also find recently posted training opportunities in the EE News and Updates here.

IOU-Offered Energy Efficiency Trainings


Energy Code

California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES, or Title 24 Section 6) has a lot of moving pieces – and the 2013 BEES are being updated to the new 2016 BEES, for local government adoption in the July-December 2016 window. Some great places to look for Energy Code trainings and information are:

  • Energy Code Ace. Energy Code Ace is a set of tools and trainings provided under the California Codes and Standards program (more info here). Code and compliance trainings are held by Energy Code Ace around the state, and are also available on-location upon request: visit the Energy Code Ace website to learn more.
  • California Energy Commission. The CEC offers web-based training materials, and may conduct trainings through ICC member events (see here). The CEC also runs an Energy Code Hotline (here). Click here for resources on the CEC’s website.

Green Building and Green Real Estate

  • Build It Green, a nonprofit organization comprised of thought leaders and building industry veterans, offers free trainings focused on the green building throughout the state. Click here to review Build It Green upcoming events; these are a great resource for your jurisdiction’s building professional and real estate community.

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