Transmission Summit West – Sept 12-14

2018 brings unprecedented uncertainty to western transmission executives and planners. Regionalization efforts are in flux, the addition of day-ahead and other services to the CAISO EIM market could substantially expand needed transfer capability, while the shuttering of coal plants and an increase in DER are standing traditional planning methods and business models on their heads. The need for new transmission across the West to help balance systems with increased renewable penetration is palpable, but the collision of state and federal policies is driving an uncertain path where transmission investments can be difficult to justify.

The 10th Annual Transmission Summit West will provide the clearest window into “The Grid in Flux: Impacts of Regionalization and Market Disruption on Transmission Expansion.” Leading policymakers, utility and independent transmission executives will discuss the paths forward for regionalization efforts, and where we are heading on investment in lines, dual-use storage, and non-wires alternatives. They will also provide an inside look at the lessons learned on some of today’s most innovative and far-reaching transmission projects.

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