U.S. automakers double down on trucks & SUV’s, despite talk of a cleaner future

“A year ago, General Motors laid out a bold vision for a transition to a zero-emissions future. It announced plans for 20 new electric vehicle models by 2023, and CEO Mary Barra wrote: “Our generation has the ambition, the talent and the technology to realize the safer, better and more sustainable world we want.”

But in the U.S. market, GM was aggressively transforming its product line for something else—it was scaling back on cars and doubling down on higher-emissions pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

SUVs and other light trucks now make up more than three-quarters of GM’s passenger vehicle sales in the U.S., up from less than 60 percent five years ago. The majority of the 20 planned electric car models are destined for China, where the government has new EV mandates. The company has announced no plans for electric versions of any of the big vehicles that are its best sellers in the U.S.”

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