U.S. Department of Energy Releases Energy Data Accelerator Resources Toolkit


Announced late last week, the new toolkit is a set of case studies and best practices developed in partnership with cities and utilities nationally. Per DOE’s press release, the toolkit includes:

  • Best Practices for Developing a Utility Whole-Building Data Access Solution: Presents best practices and case studies for utilities to develop whole-building data access systems, based on the experiences of leading utilities from across the country;
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Guide: Provides guidance on designing productive stakeholder engagement and outreach to support the development of whole-building data access solutions;
  • Guide to Data Access and Utility Customer Confidentiality: Provides guidance on how policymakers, utilities, and regulators should approach whole-building data access to maintain the confidentiality of utility customers;
  • Briefing Document: Statistical Analysis of Data Access and Privacy: Summarizes the findings of a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory analysis demonstrating how whole-building data aggregation thresholds statistically affect customer privacy; and
  • Beyond Benchmarking: Unlocking Value for Utilities: Presents a vision for utilities to combine whole-building data access capabilities and benchmarking outputs to improve the effectiveness of their energy efficiency programs.

To access the toolkit, visit DOE’s Better Buildings page, here.

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