UC Davis Study Shows Significant Energy Savings from Water Use Reductions


Saving water saves energy: less water used means less water pumped, less water heated or cooled, and less water treated. A new study from UC Davis helps us understand just how significant those energy savings are. Learn more from the LA Times, excerpted below:

As debate continues in San Diego County and around the state over how aggressively to conserve water amid a historic drought, a new study finds that reductions in urban water use have saved significant amounts of electricity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“The analysis, published by UC Davis, capitalized on the unique circumstances created by California’s drought. It culled statistics that electric utilities and water districts statewide were required to submit because of Gov. Jerry Brown’s unprecedented order for residents and businesses to lower water consumption by an average of 25%.

“…The electricity saved from less water consumption was substantial enough that during peak summer months last year, savings equaled the effect of all energy efficiency programs offered by major investor-owned utilities in the state combined.” Read more from the LA Times here, or in the San Diego Union-Tribune here.

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