Updates from the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC)

Updates from the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee, or CAEECC, for the week of July 27th, 2016 are shared below:
Preliminary Draft Agenda for August 9 CC Meeting
 The Preliminary Draft Agenda for the August 9 CC meeting in San Diego has been posted on the CAEECC site. Please review the topics proposed and email facilitator@caeecc.org by August 2 if you have any proposed additions or changes. 
Just arrived is a discussion topic proposal form from Martha Brook of the CEC. The CEC is updating its Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EBEE AP). It is proposing to provide a EBEE AP update for 10-15 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion. We plan to add to this item to the agenda along with other changes resulting from your input.
Revised Business Plan Development and Review Schedule
CAEECC leadership is developing a straw-person proposal for the new CAEECC Business Plan Development and Review Schedule in view of the PD revised schedule for filing. We’ll discuss and finalize a revised schedule at the August 9 CC meeting.
Home Upgrade Working Group Meeting Courtesy Notice
For those that are interested, mark your calendar for September 28, 2016 for the next Home Upgrade Working Group meeting. Proposed meeting time is 9:30am-4:00pm. CORE Working Group will attend this meeting in person in Southern California. All are welcome to attend via phone. More meeting details will be posted on the CAEECC calendar page as they become available. This is a not a CAEECC sponsored event.
Please contact the Facilitation Team by email at facilitator@caeecc.org if you have questions about these matters or need assistance with the website.
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