Updates from the EE Coordinating Committee: New Schedule and Stage 2 Comment Deadlines


The California EE Coordinating Committee, which guides stakeholder engagement in the development of new energy efficiency program “business plans” by Program Administrators (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, SoCal Gas, BayREN, SoCalREN, and MCE), has released the updates below. To get these updates directly, and find more information, visit caeecc.org.

For those new to the CA EE Coordinating Committee process: EECC meetings and presentations are a new process started this calendar year under the new rolling portfolio of energy efficiency programming. Four stages of stakeholder engagement are meant to inform the development of “business plans” by those administering ratepayer-funded EE programs and funds. You can learn more in this summary of why local governments should participate in the Stage 1 public sector meeting that took place 3/16, this recap of the 3/16 meeting, or this recap of the public sector Stage 2 meeting. A FAQ on the process and how to engage is also available in the Spring 2016 edition of CURRENTS.

New Schedule for Business Plan Review Process 

Because the ruling of the Administrative Law Judge last week delays the schedule for filing of Business Plans and applications (“no earlier thanNovember 1, 2016“), the Coordinating Committee is shifting its summer meeting schedule accordingly. The schedule changes are intended to give the PAs more time to develop their Business Plan drafts and to provide stakeholders with more time to review BPs once they are provided by PAs. The changes include the following:

  • June 8 CC meeting is cancelled.
  • The next CC meeting will likely occur on July 12 or 13. It will be a one day meeting focused on various key discussion topics (instead of 2.5 day Business Plan review meeting as had been previously scheduled for July 12-14). The meeting date, time and location for the new one-day CC meeting in July will be provided once the meeting is scheduled.
  • Stage 3 Business Plan drafts are no longer due June 27. Instead they will be due later in July (tbd).
  • The two-day CC meeting to review Stage 3 Business Plan will likely be scheduled for the first or second week of August.

We will update the What’s New page and Calendar on the CAEECC website as soon as we have confirmed the schedule for these events.

Stakeholder Input for Stage 2 Presentations

Reminder: Comments and input to Stage 2 PA presentations for the following sectors are due this Wednesday, May 25: Agricultural, Codes & Standards, Emerging Technologies, Workforce Education & Training, Industrial, and Public. Instructions and template can be found on the website.

Program Administrators, especially, please note that a number of stakeholder input templates were received last week for Residential and Commercial Sector Stage 2 presentations. Click here for Residential Sector Stage 2 input and here for Commercial Sector Stage 2 input.


Posted Subcommittee Meeting Notes

The following subcommittee meeting notes have recently been posted on theWhat’s New page of the website:

  • April 25 Residential and Commercial Sector Stage 2 Webinars (provide comments to publicinput@caeecc.org by Wednesday, May 25)
  • May 2 Public Sector Subcommittee Meeting (comments due topublicinput@caeecc.org today, May 23)
  • May 3 WE&T Subcommittee Meeting
  • May 4 Emerging Technologies Subcommittee Meeting (comments due to publicinput@caeecc.org by Wednesday, May 25)

Please do not hesitate to contact us at facilitator@caeecc.org if you have questions or comments about additional issues that you would like us to cover.

Thank you,

The Facilitation Team

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