Uses for Smart Meter Data: Customer Segmentation Applications to Existing Rates and Programs – Dec. 13

According to a recent industry report, a little over 55% of U.S. households now have smart meters. This presents utilities with an opportunity to leverage the rich data these systems provide to better understand their customers and make data-driven decisions concerning optimal rate or program portfolio planning and implementation. Being able to update assessments at an ever more rapid pace will become increasingly important as consumption patterns and peak demands shift due to technology innovations and adoptions (e.g., solar panels, electric vehicles).

However, at present most utilities are unsure where to begin.

Our Uses for Smart Meter Data webinar series will continue with Applications for Existing Rates and Programs. We will discuss how the more advanced analytical techniques described in the previous webinar in the series can be applied to existing rates or programs in order to gain a much richer understanding of which customers are doing what, and how to use that information to improve program design and implementation. The webinar will end with a 10-minute Q&A.

Click here to learn more from Berkeley Lab & U.S. Department of Energy.

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