Valley Vision (San Joaquin-Stanislaus-Merced County) – 3.2.1. Local Gov’t EAP/CAP

Partnership Name:
Valley Vision (San Joaquin-Stanislaus-Merced County)

Project Name:
Pathways to Energy Sustainbility Report

Project Scope:
New Phase of Past Project (specify in Description)

Budget Allocation:

Lessons Learned:
All interviewees cited the progress that could be gained by having a dedicated space for shared knowledge but noted their low staffing levels were an obstacle in sparing staff time to coordinate such a space. We believe our recommendations – establishing a North Valley Energy Roundtable, developing a comprehensive energy resource guide and coordinating regional energy reporting – will start to address these municipal needs. It is important that existing service gaps within the San Joaquin Valley begin to be addressed. Challenges in regional coordination have been particularly pronounced within the Northern San Joaquin Valley. We believe work in this area would be particularly meaningful in improving efforts as region-wide energy efficiency enhancements.

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