Webinar 6/15: How to create demand for zero energy (Build It Green)


Learn about the Build It Green webinar, “How to create demand for zero energy” to be held June 15th at 12pm PDT below. Click here to register.

The Net-Zero Energy Coalition (NZEC) recently published “To Zero and Beyond: Zero Energy Residential Buildings Study,” an inventory of residential single- and multi-family buildings on the path to zero energy (give or take) in Canada and the U.S. The goals of the study were, first, to understand the order of magnitude of the market, and then to provide a baseline for measuring growth and trends moving forward. Join Ann Edminster and Shilpa Sankaran from NZEC, along with zero energy market leaders Carter Scott of Transformations and Sean Armstrong from Redwood Energy, to learn more about the trends, why industry leaders are not waiting for home buyers to realize this $1.3 trillion market, and how their success is driving greater projected growth.

Learning Objectives:

1.       Understand basic data about the zero energy residential market in Canada and the U.S.
2.       Learn about the trends behind the data
3.       Understand how industry practitioners are designing, building, and selling zero energy homes
4.       Learn about where the market is projected to grow and how

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