Webinar 6/16: Key Considerations for Successful Microgrids


Click here to register for Greentech Media’s June 16th webinar on microgrids. The recent proliferation of low cost distributed energy resources combined with increasing occurrences of prolonged power outages caused by uncontrollable natural events such as storms, have created the case for microgrid development as tool to minimize the impact of these events.

Government and Industry are evaluating the implementation of microgrids as a viable solution to insure power availability.  Strategic, up front planning is essential in order to successfully implement a state-of-the-art modern microgrid.

In this webinar, ABB’s microgrid experts will address four key considerations that utilities and developers need to consider early in their microgrid planning process:

  1. In what circumstances should microgrids be considered within the macrogrid?
  2. How much does a microgrid cost and what value streams can they produce?
  3. How to optimize design up-front of the generation mix to assure microgrid goals are met and fuel supply risks are mitigated
  4. How to specify control and integration in light of the distribution system involved

If you are considering evaluating or developing a microgrid, join Greentech Media for this one-hour webinar and you will come away with some important insights to help maximize your investment.

For more on microgrids, click here.

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