Webinar: LGP Program Evaluation – Oct. 5

The four California investor-owned utilities (IOUs), consisting of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), Southern California Gas Company (SCG) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), each offers Local Government Partnership (LGP) programs that strategically combine attributes of both local governments and the IOUs to leverage the unique opportunities and resources of local communities to reach a broad range of constituents and utility customers. In particular, the IOUs offer program infrastructure, funding and technical support in partnership with local governments and organizations to help deliver energy savings and to make progress toward strategic plan goals. The LGPs help local governments to (1) obtain incentives for reducing the energy use of their government facilities, (2) provide strategic plan support for the California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, and (3) help their local government constituents reduce energy use.

The IOUs are pleased to present this webinar to provide process evaluation results for nine LGPs within their service areas.

LGP Program Evaluation Results Webinar



Phone: (571) 317-3122 Access Code: 533-515-621


Thursday, October 5, 2017

9:00 – 11:40 am PT

9:00 am – Introductions/Opening Remarks

9:05 am – Evaluation Objectives and Approach

9:10 am – Individual LGP Findings and Recommendations

9:10 am – Chula Vista (SDG&E)

9:25 am – Los Angeles County (SCE and SoCalGas)

9:40 am – San Bernardino County (SCE and SoCalGas)

9:55 am – Riverside County (SCE and SoCalGas)

10:10 am – VIEW (PG&E, SCE and SoCalGas)

10:25 am – San Luis Obispo (PG&E and SoCalGas)

10:40 am – AMBAG (PG&E)

10:55 am – Sierra Nevada (PG&E)

11:10 am – San Mateo (PG&E)

11:25 am – Crosscutting Findings/Recommendations for Future Research

11:45 am – Meeting Adjourns

For questions, contact Loan Nguyen at 213-244-3606 orLNguyen@semprautilities.com.


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