Webinar Recording: Accelerating the transition to a clean local energy future

The gap between the clean local energy future we need and where we are today is still wide. From late 2016 to June 2018, the PAEC Initiative studied what we can do to bridge this gap and accelerate the deployment of advanced energy communities (AECs).

AECs strive to meet zero net energy (ZNE) standards for the built environment, and to take full advantage of local renewable energy, demand response, Solar Emergency Microgrids, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI).

In this webinar, we covered the results of the PAEC Initiative Master Case Study, including:

-Top challenges and best practices for deploying AECs
-Key findings
-Case studies
-Tools to accelerate the deployment of AECs
-Project benefits

The PAEC Initiative aims to guide regulators, utilities, building and planning departments, developers, building owners, and elected municipal officials in focusing their efforts to accelerate the buildout of a clean local energy future.

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