Webinar: Tailoring the Solar Permitting Process to Match Stakeholder Preferences

“The time it takes for a rooftop solar PV system to receive a final building permit and connect to the grid is uncertain and often lengthy. The uncertainty hurts customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction, while long delays are associated with the higher comparative costs of U.S. PV installations.

In response, a variety of streamlined solar permitting practices have emerged in different U.S. locations. They have not been widely adopted across the country, however. Past attempts to stimulate streamlined solar permitting adoption have either been customized to individual jurisdictions – a costly approach – or standardized in a “one-size-fits-all” manner that some jurisdictions reject.

Join the Center for Sustainable Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for a webinar to learn about a new project to systematically design “mass customized” streamlined solar permitting practice combinations that suit different types of building departments, PV installers, and utilities while also reducing the uncertainty and delays associated with the full interconnection of rooftop PV systems. Geared toward local government officials, state energy offices, solar industry organizations, utilities, and researchers, this webinar will also discuss the nature of the delays in the permitting, inspection, and interconnection process, as well as the current landscape of streamlined solar permitting reform.”

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