Webinar: The Next Step in The Clean Energy Transition – Decarbonizing Heating Energy in Buildings – Feb. 12

“NRDC, the Sierra Club, and a coalition of partners, are launching a new policy initiative to shift from natural gas to clean and renewable energy for space and water heating in residential and commercial buildings. Energy efficiency remains the most effective way to reduce emissions and our top priority, but to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector to the level required to achieve our 2050 climate goals, it is also necessary to switch from fossil natural gas to clean and renewable energy for space and water heating. This presents numerous regulatory and market development challenges, and requires leadership from state policymakers to set a clear direction for the state agencies such as CEC, CPUC and CARB to implement policies that will transition California to clean energy buildings.

LGSEC, NRDC, and the Sierra Club invite you to a webinar on Monday, February 12, 11-12:30pm to discuss this policy initiative. ”

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