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Register for the last SEEC Virtual Forum event, hosted by the BPC!

BPC Spotlight Event 2: What Do We “SEEC” Next? An Interactive Forum Closing
Tuesday, November 17th | 10:30 – 11:30 AM

Another SEEC forum is in the books and the SEEC program as we’ve known it is sunsetting after a decade of success. Join us to celebrate all we’ve learned together and help us think into a promising new chapter for CA local government energy efficiency collaboration. This event will feature updates from each SEEC NGO, new tools to help you access useful information, and a listening session where you can help drive what we do next.


11th Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Virtual Forum

Promising Solutions for a Clean Energy Future
June – November 2020 | 18 webinars | Peer-to-Peer Network

The Local Government Commission (LGC) has hosted the annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum since 2010 to feature updates from key state agencies, highlight innovative local energy and climate change programs and resources, and provide opportunities for networking and collaboration. Visit the SEEC Forum website to register for the remaining webinars in the forum. To watch past webinar recordings, visit the Youtube Playlist and subscribe to LGC’s Youtube channel to stay notified!

Hosted by the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, SGV Connect is a podcast that features Southern California and San Gabriel Valley leaders on their unique stories and insights on handling emerging issues. Each episode provides an opportunity for residents, city staff, elected officials, and stakeholders to learn about cities, programs, and issues impacting the quality of life in the San Gabriel Valley region.

Energy efficiency projects play an important role in reducing a community’s electricity and natural gas consumption. Tune in for this episode of the SGV Connect as we discuss energy efficiency planning with Los Angeles County Internal Services Department Environmental Initiatives Manager, Lujuana Medina, and Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator, Angie Hacker.