Best Practice Recordings

Staying informed on best practices is a great way to ensure you are efficiently building upon the experiences of others, across California’s local governments and beyond, and avoiding having to reinvent the wheel. Here are a number of recordings detailing best practices.

LGSEC/CCEC Joint Event: Shaping the Future of California’s Building Performance Standards – Local Government Processes and Grid Implications
Join us for an exploration of Building Performance Standards (BPS), their future in California, and their implications for local governments, the building sector, and the climate. Hosted by the Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC) and the California Climate & Energy Collaborative (CCEC) on Tuesday, March 22nd from 9-11am Pacific Time, this joint event featured a panel discussion comprised of both moderated and audience Q&A on the future of grid-interactive buildings, and what they mean for new and existing buildings, the grid, and local governments. Experts included in this panel were Senator Becker from the 13th Senate District, Cliff Majersik from IMT, Barbara Locci from the City of Chula Vista, and Lynne Kiesling from the University of Colorado. This was followed by a feedback session led by Cliff Majersik on building performance standards.