Best Practice Recordings

Staying informed on best practices is a great way to ensure you are efficiently building upon the experiences of others, across California’s local governments and beyond, and avoiding having to reinvent the wheel. Here are a number of recordings detailing best practices.

CCEC Statewide Best Practices Coordinator interviews Climate Coordinator from City of Oakland
In this recording, Angie Hacker, the CCEC Statewide Best Practices Coordinator, interviews Shayna Hirshfield-Gold, Climate Coordinator with the City of Oakland, which is doing groundbreaking work to advance equity as part of its climate action efforts. As many in the State move forward from just counting carbon and kilowatts, we invite you to listen to a timely conversation on how to thoughtfully expand local climate work to effectively engage environmental justice voices and ideas and consider impacts and opportunities for historically underserved or marginalized communities. Shayna shares personal experiences and advice on pitfalls, best practices, and successes.
Thanks to Oakland and Shayna for providing a leading example that other local governments can certainly learn from.