What’s In an EE Program Administrator Business Plan? Guidance from the CPUC


Note that a correction to this guidance document was released May 23rd: see here.

The Program Administrators of energy efficiency ratepayer-funded programs (PG&E, SDG&E, SCE, SoCal Gas, SoCal REN, BayREN, and MCE) are working on business plans that, per the rolling portfolio decision, are new documents to describe the Program Administrator’s overarching strategy to support the State’s energy efficiency (EE) goals & objectives and plans for each customer sector, and to seek EE funding approval.

The CPUC released further guidance on this today, in the form of this business plan guidance white paper, and the below statement:

In D. 15-10-028, the Commission established a Rolling Portfolio process for the development, approval, and revision of energy efficiency portfolios.  The Decision included a detailed list of what program administrators’ (PA’s) business plans shall contain, and delegated to Commission Staff the responsibility for developing a white paper that would provide additional and more specific information about business plan contents. The Decision cautioned staff to “balance the need for information from PAs with the need to keep business plans compact and focused, and to reduce PA administrative costs.”

Staff’s Business Plan guidance white paper expanding on the Rolling Portfolio decision’s direction regarding what should and should not be included in business plans is attached.  Per guidance from the Commission’s Legal Division, the white paper also directs PAs and the Rolling Portfolio Coordination Committee leadership to develop a conflict of interest policy for market actor participation in the Coordination Committee’s proceedings, including specific recommendations that staff believes should be included in that policy.

Please contact Peter Franzese (peter.franzese@cpuc.ca.gov) for further information or clarification regarding the attached white paper.

New to this process? Check out this article in CURRENTS for a simple overview of this new process of business plan development, and how interested stakeholders can get involved through the new EE Coordinating Committee in this Jan.-Aug. 2016 period. Or find more on this website by searching “coordinating committee” or using the rolling portfolio tag.

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