Yuba City Implements Program to Save and Generate Energy at 16 City Structures, Saving $16 Million


Yuba City has completed the implementation of an energy efficiency and solar power program through an energy performance contract with OpTerra Energy Services. The city expects to save over $6 million, over a 30-year term, in energy and utility costs as a result of upgrades across 16 city structures – including HVAC and mechanical upgrades at City Hall, fire and police stations, solar thermal at Gauche Aquatic Park, and solar photovoltaic (PV) at the Park and the City’s wastewater treatment plant. Learn more about Yuba City’s projects from Solar Industry Magazine here, and hear from Yuba City’s Mayor John Buckland in this press release.

You can also learn in this 2011 article in Comstock’s about how the project with Opterra (originally negotiated with Chevron Energy Solutions, now under the Opterra umbrella) came about by leveraging savings Yuba City had realized through other energy projects, as well as incentives through the California Solar Initiative and PG&E.

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