Zero Net Energy Evaluation Methodologies Draft Document Available for Review on CPUC Website


The document ZNE Evaluation Methodologies: Phase 1 – Draft Report, which PG&E contracted with TRC to complete, is now posted to the CPUC’s EE Public Document’s Area for public comment.

PG&E will accept comments on the ZNE Evaluation Methodologies: Phase 1 – Draft Report until June 27, 2016, on the CPUC’s Public Documents Area.  To locate the document and to comment, please:

1. Visit the CPUC’s EE Public Documents area:

2. Select the “Search” tab on the upper left and use the “Search Text” option to locate this document by key title words;

3. Locate the document on the resulting list;

4. Click “view” to download the document or “comment” to post your public comment[s]. The authors will consider all posted comments.

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