Zero Net Energy Retrofit Tour in Sunnyvale


Check out the below opportunity to tour a zero net energy (ZNE) retrofitted structure in Sunnyvale – if interested in attending, click to register before 4/11 to avoid a price increase:

Previewing The Next NZE Retrofit in Sunnyvale

Have you asked yourself how Silicon Valley will meet the challenge of ever-higher energy efficiency standards with its huge installed base of featureless, inefficient tilt-ups? Do you think that going green is too expensive? Not if you’ve heard about Sharp Development. And even if you’ve heard about the highly successful net zero energy retrofits of 435 Indio and 415 Mathilda, you won’t want to miss this “before” tour of Sharp Development’s newest property. Kevin Bates of Sharp and his team, recognized for Best Green Project at the 2015 Structures Awards, will show us their new project at 380 North Pastoria and tell us about the challenge ahead. Join us for a tour that includes a construction trailer to suit the team’s ambitions.

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