ZNE Districts Workshop​ May 12th


As shared by the CPUC: one of the more promising opportunities that has emerged from the initial work with stakeholders and the CPUC on the California Commercial Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Action Plan is the development of ZNE districts. Interested stakeholders are invited for an interactive workshop on May 12th to discuss the challenges and opportunities for this approach. (Best to attend in person!)

ZNE Districts Workshop: Thursday, May 12, 2016 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Pacific Energy Center (PEC), 851 Howard, San Francisco

Register to attend in person or by phone via the link below:


This is relevant for both commercial and residential interests.

Meeting Overview

Meeting Objective: Understand the opportunities and challenges to achieving ZNE at scale for commercial buildings through the development of ZNE Districts


Defining ZNE Context                                                                                                       

Mindy Craig, Dave Hewitt

  • What is a district and why does it matter?
  • Existing District Approaches
  • Discussion

Opportunities, Challenges & Questions  


  • People: What does a successful management and leadership
    model for district ZNE look like?
  • Buildings and Technology: Aggregated ZNE District versus all ZNE Buildings. Existing Buildings and ZNE Infill; New Development
  • Grid and Renewables, Storage and other Energy Sources: Resiliency, locational value, management tools, and sharing infrastructure costs
  • Financing: Pros and cons of financing at the District scale. What tools are necessary and available to make this possible?
  • Regulatory, Policy and Planning: Impact of codes, TDV, Ownership, and Local Government on district ZNE.  Sharing credits and trade offs possible for existing and new buildings in ZNE districts
  • Other elements: Impact and opportunities of ZNE districts on other infrastructure, e.g., water, transportation, waste, sewer, etc.

Questions: please contact Kris Meek, krism@bluepointplanning.com

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