Cost Share for Federal Clean Energy Funding Opportunities

The purpose of this solicitation is to provide cost share funding to applicants that apply for and receive one of the following: An award under an eligible federal Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and meet the requirements of this solicitation, or Follow-on funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to continue research from a previously awarded federal grant that also received Energy Commission federal cost share funding under PON-14-308, GFO-18-902, or this GFO and the proposed project meets the requirements of this solicitation. Continuously Updated Eligible Cost Share Opportunities. Before applying, applicants are encouraged to check Eligibility Requirements in Section II of this solicitation. As new eligible cost share opportunities are released, the Energy Commission will revise this document with corresponding information on how to apply for cost share for that funding opportunity. Information on currently eligible funding opportunities can be found in the Eligible Federal Funding Opportunities section of the Eligibility Requirements (Section II.A.). The Energy Commission will provide cost share only to applicants that are applying for a federal funding opportunity or follow-on funding as described above. If the applicant has already received a federal award or follow-on funding and is seeking retroactive cost share, that application will not be eligible for CEC cost share funds under this solicitation.