How to Guide: Ways to Get Funded

Internal Funding Best Practices

While rarely easy, there are many ways to identify internal sources of funding for locally-led focused on reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions in municipal or privately owned facilities. Did we miss an internal best practice? Let us know at

External Funding Best Practices

Internal sources of funding can be greatly supplemented by a wide range of available external resources like those described below. While obtaining dollars from external sources often requires significant time commitment and deep subject-matter expertise, these efforts can pay off immensely, particularly in the sustainability field, where opportunities are growing rapidly. Did we miss an external best practice? Let us know at

Grants, Incentives, And Other New Revenues from Ratepayers and other External Sources

Please see our funding database which points to dozens of grant sources ranging from HUD’s Community Development Block Grants and the DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program to foundation and private funding. You can also check out:

Tap into Financing

With budgets stretched thin, the upfront costs of desired capital improvement and other municipal projects may exceed available resources. Sustainability professionals can also investigate and pursue numerous options to projects like those showcased below. We also recommend reviewing DOE’s Better Building Financing Navigator.

Leveraging Partnerships and In-kind Support

In addition to generating new revenue, knowledgeable sustainability staff can leverage non-monetary support provided by public, private, and nonprofit partners to build capacity and reduce the time commitment and investments needed to advance local sustainability goals.