Technical Assistance

Part of the role of the Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator is to support local governments that need information to help them make progress on their local energy initiatives. Depending on the request, this may entail:

  • Connecting you to an appropriate expert, local leader or resource;
  • Developing a learning event for you and other local governments on the topic; and/or
  • Compiling helpful information into an Issue Brief
Request Technical Assistance

If you are a local government practitioner that could use help rounding up answers, resources, and examples to help you make progress on energy or climate issues within your community, please request technical assistance at Your topic could be chosen for a future Virtual Office Hours event.

For inquires, please contact the Best Practices Coordinator, Angie Hacker, at

Other Technical Assistance Opportunities

Climate Planning – ICLEI can help you utilize the Temperate adaptation planning tool and the ClearPath climate tool and provide assistance with light analysis on specific emission reduction strategies

Beacon Program – The Institute for Local Government can help you request Beacon award consideration for voluntary efforts by local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emission, save energy and adopt policies that promote sustainability.

Sustainable Communities – Institute for Local Government helps local officials and staff identify and apply policies and best practices that support sustainable communities and their Sustainability Best Practices Framework offers options for local action in ten areas.

Utility Assistance – Energy related programs and assistance vary by utility:

Local-to-Local Assistance: Please visit your local Regional Energy Network, Local Government Partnership, or Community Choice Energy Program for energy assistance and programs.

California Local Energy Technical Assistance Directory

To make progress on their energy and climate goals, local governments can greatly benefit by seeking help identifying resources, answers, and guidance on strategies and best practices. The Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator is developing a directory of experts that are willing to provide free technical assistance or peer knowledge sharing to local government professionals on energy and climate topics. To be added to that directory, please fill in the form below.

Previous Technical Assistance Responses

To see a complete archive, visit Case Studies and Best Practice Recordings.