Decarbonizing Homes while Creating Quality Jobs in your Community

Join us for a panel discussion on home electrification or “decarbonization” initiatives and the complementary creation of good jobs in the community – with a focus on economic justice, equity, and environmental health. The panel will explore incorporating high road labor standards into public incentive programs, working with unions and the apprenticeship training programs they provide, and promoting a more sustainable future. The discussion will showcase the Bay Area High Road Training Partnership, which aims to transform the residential retrofit industry from low road to high road, generating family-sustaining jobs while supporting climate sustainability. The panel will feature representatives from a city, a union organization, and public program administrators to discuss strategies for ensuring decarbonization jobs are high road and promoting sustainability efforts while benefiting workers and the community.


  • Chiara Arellano, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, High Road Initiatives Manager
  • Jennifer West, Program Manager, StopWaste
  • Jordan Ackerman, Construction Trades Workforce Initiative, Policy and Public Affairs Manager
  • Billi Romain, City of Berkeley, Energy and Sustainable Development Manager