Local Governments Leading the Way through Resilient Microgrids

Wildfires, power shut-offs, and other climate effects are driving the critical need for energy resiliency across California communities. Local government and institutions are taking the lead on microgrids in many areas to ensure their residents continue to receive critical services and back-up power. Given the technical complexity and range of possible microgrid models, local governments can best benefit by learning from one another and working together to implement a sustainable future for us all.

This panel session will feature diverse local experts, each with a unique perspective on developing innovative, resilient microgrid solutions across the state:

  • Mike Grim, City of Carlsbad – Feature project: Carlsbad microgrid
  • Craig Lewis, Clean Coalition (non-profit) – Feature projects: City of Camarillo solar microgrid and City of Santa Barbara community microgrid
  • Jim Zoellick, Humboldt State University – Feature project: Redwood Coast Energy Authority and Pacific Gas & Electric community microgrid

Presenters will discuss the goals and multiple benefits their microgrid projects address – from resiliency to carbon reduction, reliability, and government operations. They will explore the process and funding sources they have leveraged to develop studies and designs. And they will highlight the stakeholders and partnerships behind many of their microgrid projects which have been critical to their success. Finally, presenters will share important lessons learned and recommendations from their experiences for other communities eager to explore similar opportunities.