The Yolo Climate Commission: Emission Reduction through Community-Driven Action

This interactive session highlights the role that resource-constrained, rural, and/or agricultural communities play in taking aggressive, grassroots action on climate change. We will discuss how Yolo County passed a climate emergency declaration, established a carbon negative by 2030 goal, and created a community-driven Climate Action Commission that is charged with guiding the development and implementation of the County’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. We will hear from a panel of community leaders and elected officials about the development of the Commission, and strategies employed—such as funding early action projects, undertaking creative engagement in unincorporated regions, and centering historically and presently disadvantaged communities—to ensure that resources are urgently mobilized to tackle our climate goals efficiently and equitably. Session attendees will discuss lessons-learned in standing up a Climate Action Commission, the opportunities for leveraging funding and engagement to overcoming resource constraints, and the models that worked for Yolo County.


  • NJ Mvondo, National Association for Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP), Member
  • Kristen Wraithwall (she/her), Yolo County, Sustainability Manager
  • Jim Provenza, Yolo County, District 4, County Supervisor
  • Adelita Serena (She/Hers), Yolo County Climate Commission/Sierra Club, Commissioner/Community Outreach Coordinator