Upsizing Electrification Potential, Not Panels: Addressing Barrier of Panel Upgrades

For many homes the electrical transformation does not need to be as daunting as is commonly thought. They will understand that many homes are capable of transitioning away from gas appliances without electrical service upsizing and be provided the tools and strategies to minimize the need to upsize electrical panels. We will share a suite of existing technologies and strategies that work within the constraints of existing panel capacity, including ‘watt-diet’, circuit sharing, low wattage appliances, and whole building controls among other options. We will also discuss electrification plans to provide options and alternatives to specific scenarios that a homeowner, contractor or utility needs to address to avoid panel upsizing as much as possible. Last, attendees will learn how policy changes and program design can drive a better-optimized approach to panels and service upsizing, as well as, how to employ limited finances, time, and services effectively and equitably across communities.


  • Jenny Low, Build It Green, Program Manager
  • Abhijeet Pande, TRC, Vice President for Research and Technology Commercialization
  • Laura Feinstein, SPUR, Sustainability and Resilience Policy Director
  • Emily Alvarez, StopWaste, Program Manager