Savings Results from Grass Valley Energy Efficiency and Solar Project

The City of Grass Valley’s June 28th City Council meeting celebrated the completion of a number of municipal energy efficiency and solar projects through an energy performance contract with Opterra Energy, including new solar generation, LED (more…)

2016 State Policy Landscape: What it Means for the Sierra

The Government Affairs Director of the Sierra Business Council shares a high-level update on state legislative climate policy that are important to the Sierra. Key components include the Governor’s Proposed Budget’s allocation of $3.1 billion in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) dollars, implications of SB 350, and the Under 2 MOU proposal associated with the December…

California small businesses recognized through for implementing climate-smart strategies

Earlier this week, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced the winners of the 6th CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards, recognizing small businesses that demonstrate leadership and make notable, voluntary achievements toward reducing their carbon footprint. CARB’s press release is shared below: “These businesses illustrate the California story,” said CARB Chair Mary Nichols. “From Eureka to San…

Efficient Gravity-Driven Water Supply Line Receives PG&E Incentives, Removes Surcharge from Customer Bills in Amador County

The Amador Water Agency (AWA)’s new water supply line has been built in a way that allows gravity to deliver the water, rather than electricity-fed pumping. “The Amador Water Agency’s highly-anticipated Gravity Supply Line (GSL) is up and (more…)