15th Annual CCEC Forum CFSP Submittal Form

June 25 – 26, 2024 • Palm Springs, CA

The 15th Annual California Climate & Energy Forum is coming to Palm Springs, CA! The CCEC Forum brings together several hundred local government staff, elected officials, and community organizations, to collaborate and learn from each other as they work to advance fair and equitable climate change and energy practices.

This call for session proposals will help ensure that the forum will feature engaging sessions and new innovative activities to help climate and energy leaders and practitioners connect to learn about innovative projects and strategies, share best practices, and troubleshoot challenges.

Deadline to submit a proposal for the forum is February 21st, 2024 at 5:00 PM PT

2024 Forum Theme

Collective Innovation: Cultivating Collaboration for Equitable Climate Action

The 15th Annual CCEC Forum will bring together local leaders in energy and climate action for 2-days for in-depth conversations between local and regional governments, and their partners in State agencies, CBOs, NGOs, and private sector service providers. As we celebrate the 15th year of the CCEC Forum, we see that the strong connections and partnerships we’ve fostered together have provided us with the pivotal opportunity to cultivate our climate action toward its full potential right now. Building off our 2023 theme of “Investment, Innovation, and Inclusion: Locals Leading a Clean Energy, Climate Stable Future for All”, in this forum we will explore innovative ideas and best practices for collaboration, increasing accessibility for disadvantaged communities, and implementing climate action across sectors.

Note: This form is not savable. Please be sure to prepare your proposal based on the Guidance Document and fill in the form in one sitting.

2024 CCEC Forum CFSP

2024 CCEC Forum CFSP

Step 1: Proposer Contact Information

Step 2: Session Details

Select a title that is evocative of your topic and that will appeal to a multi-disciplinary audience. Please refrain from using technical terms and acronyms within your title. Please try to limit the title to 10 words.
0 of 250 max words
In order to be innovative, the advisory committee needs session ideas to be as specific and detailed as possible, so please provide complete thoughts and ideas. Please refer to the CFSP Guidelines for more details on your Session Description.
0 of 250 max words
Successful proposals must both meet this theme and feature a diverse panel in regard to race, ethnicity, ability, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, geographic representation, type of agency, and sector focus.

Step 3: Session Tracks and Expected Outcomes

Session Tracks: Proposals should address one or more of the topics listed below.
While proposals should seek to meet participant interests and needs, there may be additional topics that would be beneficial to address for a local government audience that are not included in this list.
Information Shared: Select one (1) to two (2) of the following desired outcomes and type of information shared to session attendees:
This is from an effort to ensure that attendees can plan their forum agenda based on their needs.
0 of 250 max words
Successful sessions that have attendees walking away with met expectations and useful information are planned with a learning objective. Ex: additional knowledge on equitable building decarbonization, ready-to-use strategies for workforce development, etc.

Step 4: Session Format

Session format: Select the format you wish to recommend for your session.
Review the CFSP Guidelines for further details on the format options. Regardless of the session format chosen, Forum Organizers are looking for sessions that have an interactive component in them.
0 of 250 max words
Forum organizers are hoping to see creativity in how sessions are put together to achieve the goal of increasing the interaction between speaker and participants, under each of the general session formats. Preference is usually given to sessions that are innovative and interactive.

Step 5: Moderator and Speaker Contact Information

Forum Organizers are looking for a multidisciplinary panel of strong speakers that represent various sectors, perspectives, and ethnic and gender diversity. Ideally, speakers should provide high-quality content focused on the implementation of practical tools and innovative strategies, and sessions should be designed to attract a multi-disciplinary audience.

Please do not submit session proposals that include all or most of the speakers coming from only one organization, agency, or company.

In the interest of fostering diversity and inclusion, we are waiving registration fees for presenters who identify as BIPOC, and/or any other underrepresented community. In addition, speakers are welcome to apply for a supplemental travel scholarship.

Share the information for each of your speakers. As the submitter, it is your responsibility to ensure that these folks are part of the session, or a reasonable replacement is secured based on your session description. Forum Organizers will not be responsible for finding speakers to replace ones who have not committed to attending. If several speakers are not confirmed, or no speakers are confirmed by a designated date, the session will be dropped from the program.
Does this speaker qualify for waived registration fees?
What perspective does this speaker provide?
Add Another Speaker


Does this speaker qualify for waived registration fees?
What perspective does this speaker provide?
Add Third Speaker


Does this speaker qualify for waived registration fees?
What perspective does this speaker provide?


Does this speaker qualify for waived registration fees?
What perspective does this speaker provide?

Moderators play a critical role in creating successful sessions. It is important that a moderator is chosen based on their demonstrated ability to be effective in this role, their clear understanding of the expectations of them, and their understanding of the issues to be covered in the session they are participating in. Forum Organizers have the following expectation that all of the session moderators will be able to do the following:

    • Briefly introduce the session and the topic, and explain the session format to participants.
    • Briefly introduce each speaker (brief biographies will be provided).
    • Keep each speaker to their allotted presentation time (e.g., 5, 10,15, or 20 minutes).
    • Cut speakers off if they run long, so as not to intrude on the next speaker’s presentation time, or the time designated for the interactive component of the session.
    • Be prepared to ask speakers pointed questions about their presentation during the interactive component of the session.
    • Facilitate the interactive component of the session, if necessary.
Does the moderator qualify for waived registration fees?
What perspective does this moderator provide?