Equitable Building Decarbonization Program Direct Install

The purpose of this grant funding opportunity (Solicitation) is to award three regional administrators (Recipients) with funding to implement the Equitable Building Decarbonization (EBD) Direct Install Program. The program will be administered separately in Northern, Central, and Southern California to better ensure a broad distribution of funds. The Recipients will implement the program in their awarded region to install energy-efficient electric appliances, energy efficiency measures, and related upgrades directly to low-income households living in single-family, multifamily, and manufactured homes in underresourced communities. Applications are required to (1) include community-based organizations (CBOs) for culturally appropriate outreach, education, and support for participating households and communities, and (2) include expertise in decarbonization of single-family homes, multifamily buildings, and manufactured housing. 

Assistance Program Type
Energy Efficiency
Topics and Sectors Targeted