Infill Infrastructure Grant Program

The objective of the IIG program was to promote infill housing development by providing financial assistance for Capital Improvement Projects that are an integral part of, or necessary to facilitate the development of affordable and mixed income housing.

Under the Program, grants were available as gap funding for infrastructure, Factory-Built Housing components, and Adaptive Reuse necessary for specific residential or mixed-use infill developments.

Eligible costs included the construction, Rehabilitation, demolition, relocation, preservation, acquisition, or other physical improvements of the following (not a complete list:

  • Parks or Open Space
  • Water, sewer, or other utility service improvements (including internet and Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure), including relocation of such improvements.
  • Transit Station Structured Parking spaces required to replace existing parking spaces displaced by construction of new housing identified in the application.
  • Transit linkages and facilities, including, but not limited to, related access plazas or pathways, and bus and transit shelters.
  • Facilities that support pedestrian or bicycle transit, including bike lanes, crosswalk improvements, and pedestrian scaled lighting.
Assistance Program Type
Electric Vehicles and Clean Mobility
Topics and Sectors Targeted