Local Conservation Corps Grant Program

Eligible LCCs are required to submit a comprehensive budget for each respective funding source and a narrative that includes goals, objectives, supporting activities and outcomes specific to each material fund source. CalRecycle staff will conduct a thorough review of all applications to confirm application completeness and an LCC’s grant award eligibility, which includes but is not limited to, being in good standing with CalRecycle. Eligible applicants include: Eligible applicants for this grant program are Corps that are reviewed and certified annually by the California Conservation Corps (CCC) according to compliance with certification criteria outlined in PRC section 14507.5(a). The CCC certifies the eligibility of each LCC by conducting annual certification site visits. The CCC provides CalRecycle with a certification report for each LCC by March 31st of each fiscal year. Eligible projects include:Eligible activities will be identified on the application and reported quarterly during the grant term.