This bill would require the Zero-Emission Vehicle Market Development Office within GO-Biz to develop a model permitting checklist, model zoning ordinances, and best practices for permit costs and permit review timelines to help local governments permit curbside charging stations as part of the office’s development of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permitting Guidebook or any subsequent updates. It would require local agencies to, among other things, develop a model permitting checklist that includes all applicable requirements to permit the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the public right-of-way, as defined. The bill would also require local agencies with populations of 250,000 or more to comply with these provisions by January 1, 2027, and local agencies with populations of fewer than 250,000 residents to comply with these provisions by January 1, 2029. Finally, it would require the CEC to additionally assess curbside charging needs by income level, population density, multifamily housing density, renter density, and geographical area to support equitable overnight charging access and the state’s 2035 electric vehicle adoption goal.