This bill would prohibit, except as provided, an electrical or gas corporation from recording various expenses associated with political influence activities, as defined, or with advertising, as defined, to accounts that contain expenses that the electrical or gas corporation recovers from ratepayers. It would require an electrical or gas corporation to provide the CPUC with all information deemed necessary to monitor compliance with that prohibition. It would also require the CPUC to assess a civil penalty against an electrical or gas corporation that violates the prohibition described above, or that fails or neglects to comply with any part or provision of any order, decision, decree, rule, direction, demand, or requirement of the commission related to implementing the prohibition, as provided. Would require 3/4 of the moneys collected pursuant to any settlement or penalties collected by the CPUC for a violation of the prohibition to be deposited into the Zero-Emission Equity Fund, which the bill would establish in the State Treasury.