This bill would require that the CEC and CPUC’s quarterly joint Reliability Planning Assessment include the status of utility transmission upgrades and electrical grid infrastructure capacity, CPUC approvals of applications for certificates of public convenience and necessity and permits to construct utility and independent projects, and applications for permits for projects from the CEC and the queue of projects from CAISO, include the expected completion dates for both system and local resources, and report on the use of fossil fuel by certain facilities constructed by, purchased by, or under contract with the Department of Water Resources, as specified. It would also require the CEC to quarterly publish on its internet website and update a tracking energy development dashboard that synthesizes and publishes the information included in the assessment and reported on California energy resources in the energy almanac. The bill would require the CEC to ensure that the demand forecasts in the integrated energy policy report and wind and solar energy generation profiles account for increased weather variability, interactive weather effects, and increased likelihood of heat events, including multi-day events, due to climate change, and to use the demand forecasts and those energy generation profiles to inform its energy planning, as specified.