Addressing Barriers to EVI Deployment in Disadvantaged Communities

While some of the approaches to deploying EVI in rural and DAC communities compare to other regions (e.g., increase awareness, increase affordability, reduce range anxiety, provide funding opportunities, streamline permitting), there are also unique approaches that are beneficial to communities where: air quality improvement is a priority; Residents are multi-cultural and speak numerous languages; Significant residents do not have access to home charging (e.g., MUDs); Daily commutes to work are above average; Corridor travel is significant; and existing rebate programs have not been fully utilized.

In this session, we will explore the barriers that are common to all and unique to these communities. We will ask for audience participation to prioritize deployment strategies, share results of work conducted, and provide toolkits for decision-makers to utilize in their own community.


  • Kevin Wood, Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Linda Urata, County of Kern
  • Christine Viterelli, City of Arvin
  • Jack Axelrod, Envoy