At the Table: Local Governments’ Role in Energy Regulation

How to decarbonize, maintain affordability, enhance resilience and address historic environmental injustices, among other critical issues in the energy sector are determined largely through regulatory processes under the California Public Utilities and Energy commissions. Join the Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC) for a Regulatory Primer to better understand how regulatory policies create opportunities and threats for local governments. Hear from members about regulatory successes that have helped achieve local climate and energy goals, and exposed community-based problems for which state decision makers were unaware. Learn how collaborating with other local governments can tailor statewide decision-making to address local needs while filling capacity gaps.


  • Steven Moss, M.Cubed, LGSEC Regulatory Consultant, Partner
  • Alelia Parenteau (she/her), City of Santa Barbara, Sustainability & Resilience Director
  • Jennifer Berg (She/Her), BayREN, Director, Energy Programs
  • Garrett Wong (he/him/his) (Moderator), County of Santa Barbara, Climate Program Manager