Building Decarbonization Full Throttle: CPUC Updates and Regional Implementation

There are many barriers that exist on both the policy and implementation level that must be overcome if we are to meet the state goal of total carbon neutrality by 2045. This panel will provide information on the regulatory context for some recent activities at the CPUC, the role of regional programs in the Bay Area, and using different funding sources to enhance decarbonization efforts. Topics will include the 2019 changes to the energy efficiency “three prong test” that precluded fuel- substitution measures, the BUILD and TECH programs, and the Self Generation Incentive Program, and the Bay Area Regional Energy Networkʼs residential programs and Codes and Standards efforts, along with non-ratepayer funding sources which have been leveraged to provide more value to consumers. Finally, the panel will highlight the Bay Area Air Quality Management Districtʼs regional programs that focus on the air quality and health benefits of building decarbonization.