Building Local Resilience Models – BayREN Resilient Libraries Network Pilot

The BayREN Resilient Libraries Network seeks to develop a network of local libraries to also function as Community Resilience Centers. Libraries play critical roles especially for disadvantaged communities. Six sites were selected. BayREN is providing engineering technical assistance for each site to assess necessary upgrades to improve energy efficiency and provide access to cooling, heating, and clean air and potential for battery back-up and storage. Pilot participants will be matched with funding and financing experts to provide tailored guidance to identify relevant funding sources for both CRC building upgrades and the specific programming and services that each site intends to provide to their communities year-round. Pilot participants who will share current challenges and lessons learned from their work to build a CRC based on community needs. Information about how the pilot is funded, how BayREN is working with partners and how this pilot could be replicated will be provided.


  • Jenny Berg, BayREN, Energy Section Director
  • Aleka Seville, Collective Strategies Consulting, LLC, Founder and Principal
  • Nick Kordesch, City of Oakland, Energy Program Manager
  • Veronika Cole, City of Oakland, Resilient Communities Analyst
  • Laura Wong, County of San Mateo, Sustainability Coordinator