Case Study: Valley Innovative Energy Watch (VIEW)’s Benchmarking Successes – and Best Practices

Learn below and in this benchmarking case study how the Valley Innovative Energy Watch is serving its jurisdictions by regionalizing building energy benchmarking efforts:


2010 was just the right time for the Valley Innovative Energy Watch (VIEW) partnership to start. All 8 VIEW local governments had accepted Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant funding for energy efficiency projects, and utilities began providing support for the California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan through their partnerships. The VIEW partners understood that local governments need a solid understanding of their energy usage, and ideally an Energy Management System (EMS). However, the Partnership could not afford an EMS for each partner. Instead, the local government partners would make use of the implementer’s resources, and use benchmarking as a way to serve all jurisdictions equally.

Why benchmark?
  • Data becomes a roadmap for:
    • Project investment
    • Energy Action Plans
    • Targeted awareness efforts
  • It identifies less efficient buildings
  • It tracks results of efficiency measures
  • It helps comply with the State’s commercial building energy disclosure law