Collaborative Pathways to Equitable Decarbonization in the San Diego Region

Recognizing the need for a regional approach to addressing climate change, the County of San Diego is in the process of creating an integrated Regional Decarbonization Framework (RDF). The integrated RDF is a visionary document to address regional emissions in the San Diego region to getting to zero carbon emissions in the energy system in alignment with State and federal goals and pathways. The integrated RDF is also visionary because it seeks to provide the data-driven emissions reductions pathways to all jurisdictions, agencies, and governments to foster a collaborative approach to decarbonization and to ensure that no parts of the region are left behind. In focusing on collaboration, learning, and a data-driven approach to emissions reductions, the Integrated RDF is also centering on equity because addressing climate change will require addressing climate justice and environmental justice. This panel will discuss the integrated RDF’s initial findings and relevance for the region.


  • Elise Hanson, County of San Diego, Management Fellow
  • Scott Anders (He/Him), Energy Policy Initiatives Center, University of San Diego School of Law, Director
  • Kyle Heiskala, Environmental Health Coalition, Climate Justice Policy Advocate
  • Gordon McCord (he/his) (Moderator), University of California, San Diego – School of Global Policy & Strategy, Associate Professor of Economics