Consult a CBO: Tips for Collaborating on Climate Investments

Join us for an engaging and interactive Q&A session on how local governments and program administrators can effectively engage with community-based organizations (CBOs) to develop more inclusive and impactful policies, programs and outreach. CBOs serve as a critical link between government, program administrators and the community, providing valuable insights and feedback to inform decision-making processes.

This session will explore best practices and lessons learned for building strong partnerships with CBOs, including strategies for effective communication, collaboration, and capacity building. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field and engage in discussions on topics such as identifying and leveraging the strengths of CBOs, fostering trust and mutual understanding, and measuring the impact of CBO, local governments and program administrators  partnerships.

Whether you are a local government representative, program funder, a CBO leader, or simply interested in community engagement, this session will provide valuable insights and practical guidance for achieving meaningful and sustainable outcomes through effective partnerships.


  • Maggie Singleton, Center for Sustainable Energy, Equity Associate Manager
  • Vivian Rahwanji, Community Housing Development Corporation, Director of Operations
  • Kevin Hamilton, Central California Asthma Collaborative, Executive Director