Equitable Electrification for Multifamily Properties

As California jurisdictions seek to decarbonize their building stocks while simultaneously addressing the state’s housing crisis, the challenge of how to retrofit existing multifamily buildings without displacing residents looms large. This session will tell the story of how low-income multifamily properties in the Bay Area layered multiple funding sources to complete comprehensive clean energy and electrification retrofits. Attendees will learn how the projects came together, what technical challenges had to be overcome, and how residents were engaged throughout the process. It will also touch on how incentive programs are evolving to more holistically serve owners and residents.

The panelists will then discuss lessons learned for both local jurisdictions and multifamily property owners, including solutions to common barriers to electrification, how to make the financials of multifamily retrofits pencil out, and how to incorporate resident voices.

The following programs were leveraged and will be discussed: BAMBE, SOMAH, LIWP, TECH Clean CA


  • Marisa Villarreal, GRID Alternatives, SOMAH Program Director
  • Sheetal Chitnis, Association for Energy Affordability, Senior Program Manager
  • Ben Cooper, StopWaste, Program Manager
  • Emma Barker, Eden Housing, Inc., Associate Project Developer