Investing in a Climate-Safe Future: Business and Government Roundtable

Nonprofits and governments advocate for policies and programs to achieve social, economic and environmental goals.  But the clean energy economy will be built by the private sector. This is true whether we are talking about efficient, all-electric homes, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, or farms and ranches that grow our food and wine. All these enterprises are privately held, and privately operated. This session will bring together top business leaders from the North Bay to share their programs and practices, and engage in conversation with a cross section of activists and government representatives to better understand how the public and private sectors can better collaborate in creating a future that is clean, affordable, resilient, equitable and safe.


  • Doron Amiron, The Climate Center, Business Program Manager
  • Ardi Arian, Renewable America, President & CEO
  • Brad Baker, SOMO Group, CEO
  • Jane Elias, County of Sonoma, Energy and Sustainability Manager