Meeting the Moment: Building Inclusive Energy Action Across the Central Coast

This session will follow the ever-changing story of an energy program that adapted its approach to serve the unique needs of communities and sectors across California’s Central Coast. CC-LEAP, a regional utility-funded efficiency program, has had to pivot, navigating a pandemic launch and understandably strained public agencies and businesses. The program approach quickly shifted from a large-scale energy projects approach to innovative program offerings that catered to small businesses and small local governments with limited budgets and staff capacity. Through community involvement and strategic partnerships, CC-LEAP has overcome regional energy efficiency challenges and driven equitable energy and climate action. In this session, our team, along with partners and member agencies, will share best practices and encourage discussions on customized energy services and strategic partnerships to meet regional needs and goals.


  • Ivana Dorin, The Energy Coalition, Program Manager
  • Annie Secrest, County of San Luis Obispo, Energy and Water Coordinator
  • Lindsey Tillisch, Pacific Gas & Electric, Expert Program Manager
  • Rachel Pennington, The Energy Coalition, Acting Assistant Director of Energy Services