Next Generation Building Decarbonization: Policy Evolution in California & Washington

This Pacific Coast panel will discuss the latest in decarbonization policy in Brisbane, San Francisco and the State of Washington. From small cities like Brisbane, to dense urbanized cities like San Francisco, to the Evergreen State of Washington, we will discuss how to address any scale of policy creation to meet big bold climate goals. With less than 5,000 residents, the City of Brisbane is an unlikely hero in California’s journey to decarbonization, but in 2019 it passed the most comprehensive benchmarking and auditing ordinance in the country. San Francisco has recently launched an innovative approach, helping commercial asset managers plan for decarbonization, to better connect their local ordinance to the city’s Climate Action Plan. Lastly, the State of Washington will discuss their Clean Building Act, which aims to lower costs and pollution from fossil fuel consumption in existing buildings through a performance standard and incentive program.