Opening Plenary: State of Climate and Energy in California in 2022

The opening plenary will provide attendees with an overview of the State of Climate and Energy in California in 2022. This plenary aims to set the stage for this year’s theme by reviewing key policies, trends, and opportunities for Accelerating Climate Action and Advancing Justice, with particular attention to providing timely and relevant updates for local governments. Our panel of State and local leaders will reflect on statewide progress towards key climate goals, challenges to overcome, and emerging opportunities for a carbon-free, climate-resilient future by balancing speed and justice. 


  • Angie Hacker(Moderator), CCEC, Statewide Best Practices Coordinator
  • David Hochschild (he/him/his), Chair, California Energy Commission
  • Genevieve Shiroma (she/her), California Public Utilities Commission, Commissioner
  • Samuel Assefa (He/Him/His), Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), Director
  • Lynn von Koch-Liebert (she/her), California Strategic Growth Council (SGC), Executive Director