Resilience Hubs: Equitable Climate Solutions

Resilience hubs are some of the most promising and equitable approaches to scaling up local resilience. Existing community-serving facilities can become resilience hubs by increasing their adaptive capacity and augmenting their building systems. Hubs center equity by creating power-building opportunities and relying on community leadership and expertise in decision-making processes. A group of Bay Area agencies collaborated with NorCal Resilience Network to implement a pilot leadership training series in 2021 to introduce the resilience hubs framework. The development of a program curriculum with local speakers allowed for partnership building, collaboration with existing sites, and responsiveness to local needs. Overall, the Resilience Hub training engaged with over 275 community participants from 50 sites. This fishbowl discussion will introduce resilience hubs as an important model for agencies collaborating with community organizations and equitable preparation for climate disruptions, and cover the program overview, impacts at hub sites, and lessons learned from agencies involved.